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Our Curriculum

Little Bear Child Development Center is a comprehensive, skill-based program with activities tailored to meet your child's individual needs by offering opportunities to explore, question, create and communicate in a fun and supportive environment.

Our curriculum is aimed at building a positive self-image with an emphasis on the development of social, emotional, physical and educational skills. We focus on building character, offering life-long lessons in being team members, finding solutions to solve difficult problems, as well as being honest, and showing compassion, kindness, and respect to others.

Children learn best by doing. Our curriculum encourages learning through discovery and play. Daily experiences include language, math, science, creative art, dramatic play, music, and physical exercise. We use a phonics program called Jolly Phonics. This program is introduced to our preschool class and is built upon all the way through kindergarten where they use this program to learn how to read. Our Pre-K and Kindergarten classes learn math concepts through a curriculum entitled Math Their Way. The curriculum we follow is designed to be accessible and helpful to all children as they grow and learn.

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